Friday, 28 November 2014
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Job of the Week

Senior Research Fellow: Migration and Integration, IPPR, UK
will be responsible for developing, managing and delivering research projects in the areas of migration and integration. 
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- Communications Internship, DC, USA
- Domestic Policy Internship, DC, USA
- Economic Policy Internship, DC, USA
Research Internship, UK
- Energy Opportunity Internship, DC, USA
Southern Africa Project Intern, South Africa
- Faith and Progressive Policy Internship,DC, USA
- Immigration Policy Internship, DC, USA
- National Security Internship, DC, USA
Policy and Campaigns Intern, UK
- Race Policy / Progress 2050, DC, USA
Programme Support and Research Intern, UK
- Research Team Internship, DC, USA
- ThinkProgress War Room Internship, DC, USA
- Half in Ten Anti-Poverty Campaign Internship, DC, USA
Horn of Africa Project Intern, Kenya
- Spring 2015 Intern, Family Justice, Graduate Student, DC, USA
- Legal Progress Internship, DC, USA
- ThinkProgress Internship, DC, USA
- Enough Project Intern, DC, USA
- Development/Strategic Planning Internship, DC, USA
- Ethnic Media Internship, DC, USA
- Executive Internship, DC, USA
Public Policy, Telecommunications and Fraud Intern Full or Part Time, DC, USA
- Child Labor Policy Intern Full or Part Time, DC, USA
- Communications Intern Full or Part Time, DC, USA
- LifeSmarts Intern Full or Part Time, DC, USA
- Health Policy Intern Part Time, DC, USA
Internship, Belgium
Research & Evaluation Intern, UK
Policy and Public Affairs Intern, UK
Research Internships, UK
Internship, Germany
Policy and Campaigns Intern, UK
Policy and Campaigns team internship, UK
Policy/Communications Intern
Campaign and Research Internship, London, UK